HOUSTON, Texas - Brenham resident Cathy Cole says United Airlines flight 1892 landed at IAH just after 1 p.m. Monday and everything seemed normal at first. But then things took a bizarre turn.

"Somebody on the plane said 'we have a runner and they kept repeating it," said Cole. "I was traveling with my sister and she looked out the window and she saw a woman on the tarmac running toward the terminal."

The woman came from Cole's flight and opened an emergency door to get out. Cole says airline employees worked to keep the situation calm and everyone cooperated.

"They kept telling us to wait, stay in our seats, stay seated," said Cole. "The captain came on air and said, you know, the police will be boarding the plane. They came on the plane with their dog."

Cole says she's flown all over the world but has never seen anything like this.

"It's just surprising, unexpected. You don't really think about it."