It's feast or famine, depending on your perspective when it comes to atmospheric blocking patterns. Like the name would suggest, this type of setup literally stops weather systems in their tracks, keeping them from moving. Blocking patterns can come in different forms, but this one is called an, "omega block" because the shape of the winds rotating around it form an omega. Ω

This pattern holds until midweek, before breaking and allowing a string of storm systems to rush into Texas. The result will be a likely widespread thunderstorm threat by Thursday afternoon and night. 

The Omega symbol is the 24th and last letter in the Greek alphabet. Could the appearance of this shape foreshadow the last of the nice, spring weather? Thankfully, no. Next weekend, we may see yet another cold front to enjoy a few more bonus days.

Try not to feel too guilty because as we enjoy spectacular weather for an extended stretch, both the west coast and east coast will have to endure more cloud and rain. 

Enjoy, Brooks
Meteorologist Brooks Garner