HOUSTON - It’s Black Friday, and the holiday shopping season is officially underway!

A lot of stores kicked off their deals yesterday and overnight, including Memorial City Mall. But to some shopper’s surprise, it wasn't as packed as they expected.

“We thought this was really going to be a madhouse, so our game plan not as we thought it was going to be,” said Angela Stutes.

Angela and her best friend, Jennifer Alexander, came prepared to face the chaos together, even wearing matching custom shirts that read “Up all night to get lucky, #Black Friday,” but were pleasantly surprised with what they were met with instead.

“I like this, it’s nice, we can shop without the crazies of other people,” said Stutes.

But with stores offering earlier and earlier door buster deals on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday isn’t quite what it used to be.

According to these ladies, they’re glad the trend is changing.

“It’s safer to me, it’s better to come on a Friday morning, than a Thursday afternoon,” said Stutes.

So, despite the lack of chaos, it looks like the attraction of what’s known as the busiest shopping day of the year is here to stay.