We've waited all summer for this, and it's finally here: The best days of fall. It's the time when you can step outside after a good sleep to fresh morning air and a backyard thermometer pegged in the 50s.

It's that time when you look up to the the blue sky promise of 70s by afternoon, taking its sweet time to get there.

It's the time of year you can finally return to the garden or mow the lawn without following it up with the mandatory load of laundry because you sweated through your causal wardrobe. It's that time when you can shave off a few more seconds to your mile because jogging, your body functions better when the humidity is gone.

Autumn is that time we can finally look forward to working in the yard, without the sweaty hardships of summer.

It's the time when even old dogs discover a new pep in their step and the time when puppies roll around, happy to be alive. Yes, this is fall in Houston.

What a better season to be a dog than autumn? The, "dog days" of summer are way overrated and actually quite uncomfortable for our furry family members. 

Take to the skies this weekend and check out Wings Over Houston, at Ellington Field. The air show features the Blue Angels and will be the perfect excuse to spend the day outside with friends or the family. While you shouldn't forget the sunscreen, the weather conditions could not be better for spectators and pilots alike. Unlimited ceilings and a light breeze with low humidity = memories for a lifetime.

Wings Over Houston is at Ellington Field this weekend and the weather could not be better for the event!

The beautiful weather lasts for about 48 hours -- from Friday until Sunday -- before a slow moderation back to the humidity and heat we all know and love returns.

Don't worry. As we push into the month of November, beautiful fall scenes like this will become the norm, followed by the prospect of winter frost.



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Meteorologist Brooks Garner