A group of guys who posted a video of themselves playing “beer pong” in a busy Houston intersection say they won’t do it again.

Houston Police say such pranks could result in criminal charges.

“People were laughing and saying ‘You’re crazy,’” recalled Juan Johnson.

Johnson, Sol Uresti and their buddies shot the video Thursday at West Road and Airline Drive.

“This was the first crazy one we’ve done,” said Uresti. “And it went viral.”

He now realizes a few seconds of social media silliness could have serious consequences.

“I’m kind of scared to get charged because it’s in the middle of the intersection right here,” said Uresti.

In the past, Houston Police have pressed charges against pranksters who tie up traffic.

That includes the case of guys caught last year playing basketball in the middle of the Gulf Freeway.

“Situations like this are definitely something we shouldn’t do,” said HPD officer John L. Williams. “You not only put yourself at risk, you put other people at risk.”

The beer pong pranksters are in their late teens and early twenties.

Police say such activities also send the wrong message to younger kids.

“That’s more important than you getting hits on social media,” said Williams.

Uresti and his friends don’t plan to stop having fun. But they say it’s “last call” for beer pong in a busy roadway.

“Just don’t do it,” said Uresti.

Houston Police say they never got a call about the guys in the roadway. But such activity can result in misdemeanor charges and fines in excess of $500.