Broadway Street is the road many will travel when they come into and out of Hobby Airport for Super Bowl 51.

"So if that's our front door, that's our opportunity to make a great first impression," said Tony Allender of the Hobby Area Management District.

The big game is fast approaching, and the city is scrambling to make sure Houston looks its best for all the visitors coming to town.

One of those areas that's first to greet you is as you leave Hobby Airport.

Broadway is a street known to some for anything other than what is happening here now up and down its various esplanades -- with trees being planted and bricks being laid.

"All of the different types of improvements, all of this creates the gateway together," said Allender, who is leading this part of the project, which at times looked like it wasn't going to be completed by the Super Bowl.

"The Super Bowl is a great venue because we're inviting a large audience to come in and get a chance to see what the hobby area is all about," he said.

Crews completed some work here in the Hobby area already, namely the $150 million invested into the airport itself. A lot of that includes the upgrades to the new Southwest Terminal.

Along Broadway, the city invested and completed $17 million worth of work on the road. The airport system also put in $11 million into beautification efforts along Airport Boulevard.

Even more work is coming as well, making the four roads (Monroe, Airport, Telephone and Broadway) in and out of the airport, that much more presentable to visitors and Houstonians alike.

"The flowers, the street, they're more clean, the buildings more clean too I think it's appealing it's good," said Rosalinda Garcia, who lives in the area.

Visitors and locals agreed they've noticed a change -- namely to the area right in front of the airport. But Hobby area officials insist all the investment isn't just for the Super Bowl; it's for the long term.

"Yes, it's beautification, but it's also about making that statement -- that the Hobby area itself is really open for business," Allender added.

Brick laying will continue through the new year and hopefully be complete in mid January, just weeks before the big game.