Most Beaumont residents are still without running, drinkable water several days after the storm.

It is anyone’s guess when their utilities will return to normal.

A spokeswoman for the City of Beaumont said she cannot say when water will return to residents but says crews are working to fix the water pumps which are still submerged in floodwater.

“Really we’re just waiting for the water to go down to be able to assess things and fix things,” said city spokesperson Officer Carol Riley.

Water service has been intermittent for most residents including Roger Goodeaux, whose faucet was running at a trickle on Monday evening.

“Here you’ve got water then all of a sudden you don’t,” Goodeaux said. “And it’s nighttime and you don’t even have water to flush your toilets.”

Goodeaux said he was able to take a shower on Sunday but not Monday due to the lack of water pressure. He says he has seen few updates from the city regarding the water issues.

“I wish the city would’ve said something and let us know what’s going on,” Goodeaux said.

The Meekum Water District supplies service to about 1,500 water meters in the area. It is small fraction of what the City of Beaumont services.

A spokesman for the MWD said water is returning slowing to residents it supplies and says it will be about one week before running water is fully restored.