LA PORTE, Texas -- Battleship Texas is closed until further notice because it's taking on more water than it can pump.

Texas Parks & Wildlife, which manages the ship and the grounds, discovered new leaks around 2 p.m., Sunday. Emergency repair crews worked through the night, successfully patching a large hole in the ship’s fail hull. Divers found several more holes about 15 feet below the waterline Monday. The ship was at 8 percent list, or tilt.

As of Tuesday the repair work and inspection was still underway, but park officials said the situation was improving.

"The Battleship Texas’ list is currently at about 3.8 degrees, improving from 8 degrees yesterday. Normal list for the battleship is 1.8 degrees," Texas Parks & Wildlife stated Tuesday.

“It puts tremendous stress on not only the hull but the mooring system we have,” said Battleship Texas Assistant Superintendent, Stephanie Croatt.

<p>The Battleship Texas photographed by drone in April 2017</p>

Gurpreet McClendon was disappointed to see the listing ship when she visited the site with her dad Monday.

"It was in good condition back when I was here three years ago, but now it's so devastating to see it in this condition," she said. "It's a great piece of our history."

"Most kids her age don't know anything about when the World War happened. She does though. I trained her pretty good," Thomas McClendon said.

The ship has taken on water and closed to the public before. In late 2016 it was closed due to leaks in the stern of the ship. At the time, officials said the ship has always taken on water, but at times the leaks grow and can cause the ship to list.

The ship has been sitting in water since 1988, which was the last time it was dry docked for repairs. USS Texas was commissioned in 1914 and is the only surviving ship from World War I and World War II.

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