KATY, Texas -- You don’t have to wait for Halloween night to find Batman in Katy.

It seems the Caped Crusader is seen driving in his Batmobile all year round. He goes by "Holy Batman," but everyone just calls him "Batman."

“I feel good when I see someone wave and go crazy in a car because they’ve seen Batman," he said.

As he drives through Katy shopping centers, he talks to awe-struck children and adults and never hesitates to take selfies upon request or fist-bump the kids. He also gives words of encouragement to the good citizens: “Call me if you see trouble.”

He wants to keep his identity secret and mysterious. We can tell you his real name is not Bruce -- it's David. And he claims to have a Gotham accent.

Dressing up as Batman is something he first started doing just for fun. But now, he’s on a mission to help the community.

“If I can do something like this to make people smile and laugh and take pictures and brighten their day, put some awareness on charity work, that’s what this is for," he said.

A few months ago, he helped brighten the life for 4-year-old Nolan Day, who had been battling cancer. His mother Misty Day of Fulshear had heard Batman was in town, so she contacted him so he could pay Nolan a visit. Misty says Nolan had fun, but it was more than just simple enjoyment.

“It was very important for him just to feel good and not feel sick at that moment, because he had just had treatment the day before, so just feeling like he was normal and he felt like a superhero," Day said.

Batman said the visit with Nolan changed everything.

“That’s when it started. That was my first one here in Houston that just melted my heart," he said.

And now, Nolan’s cancer is in remission.

“Cancer free," Batman said.

The Batmobile itself get a lot of attention. It’s 3-wheeled vehicle called a “Slingshot."

"Fast enough to catch the Joker," Batman said.

Batman says his goal now is to do as many appearances as possible at charity events and hospitals. His slogan is, “It’s not who you know, it’s what you do." And he plans on doing a lot as our own Dark Knight.