There's a powerful man from the Houston area with incredible skill who wishes this country could go back to the days of...thicker phone books.

What Dennis Rogers does is real. Like rolling a frying pan and then placing it inside a water bottle.

If you're amazed by that, what Dennis Rogers is doing behind the scenes is equally as impressive.

"I know I have a gift and I believe we're all given gifts to use, to help others," said Rogers.

Rogers is what they call an 'oldtime strongman.' "We do what they did in the old Vaudeville days," he adds.

He's also 100-percent all natural and 110-percent astonishing.

If you're not familiar with his work, let's make a long, strong story short: Dennis has appeared on countless television shows, met endless celebrities, and loves to shares his inspiring story with kids and congregations. "By the time I was in eleventh grade - true story - I only weighed 88 pounds," he recalled.

Little Dennis then started ferociously lifting weights. He became an arm wrestling champion, and later, thanks to acts big and small, was once named pound-for-pound the strongest man in the world.

"I always tell people I'm old. Did I look like I was feeling old?"

No, he didn't.

At 60, Dennis Rogers is still going strong.

One reason why? He's now teaching the next generation of performers, like Stephen Miller of California, who appeared to be nailing it.

Dennis is big on believing. His reasons for lending a helping hand? They are as impressive as his many feats of strength.

"You know, everybody when they're young they want to tackle the world," said Rogers. "That stuff? I could (now) care less (about).

"My student (Miler) that's here training with me today, I want him to be ten-times better than I was. I've told him this. I want to see the art carry on. But I also want to see how far can this (art) go."


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