We won! We won! Victory for the Astros for the first time in their franchise history. We are so proud of our team, and so proud to call Houston home. After Hurricane Harvey ravaged our friends, family and neighbors with dirty flood waters ruining everything it touched, we finally have something to cheer about. While the event could not be happier, do be aware that the weather for tomorrow's Astros Victory Parade will be hot. At least the Astros will feel like they're home. They'll have traveled from the cool, clammy breezes of the Pacific marine layer in California, to a real Houston steam-bath, with highs around 90°F. Factor in the humidity here and it'll feel like it's closer to 96°F. Between the heat of the crowds and the buildings of downtown, you'll get dehydrated quickly standing in the sunshine cheering.

Be sure to:

  • Take water bottles with you, and don't forget to have enough for your kids
  • With the expected crowds and heat, it'll be best to leave your dog at home
  • Look for a spot in the shade. This advice sounds elementary, but this time of year, it'll make all the difference.
  • Don't forget sunscreen. UV index will 6 out of 11, resulting in a sun burn in as soon as 30 minutes.

It is so exciting to see the 'Stros on their charter plane right now, heading back home! As of 5pm on this Thursday afternoon, 11/2/17, they've officially entered Texas airspace and are expected to land shortly after 6pm. Can you imagine how excited they are to step off that plane and greet their fans? It's got to feel great.

Astros were flying home, as of Thursday afternoon, after their victory over the Dodgers.

Carlos Correa and others used Hurricane Harvey as motivation to bring a championship to hope to Houston and they've done the job! We've won the World Series and we can cheer and rally around a unifying team that's truly made Houston history. GO STROS!

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