KINGWOOD, Texas- A 12-year-old boy from Kingwood is heading to game three after a long road of recovery.

Five months ago, Luc Wheby was clinging to life after suffering a massive stroke. Today, miraculously, he’s up, and he’s walking, ready to watch the Astros take home the World Series.

Call him Correa, and the little one, Altuve.

Their love for the game almost as strong as their love for their favorite players.

“Another friend brought this Carlos Correa signed ball," Luc Wheby said.

Astros Shortstop Carlos Correa knows Luc Wheby by name. He sent him this video.

“We are all praying for you to get a speedy recovery and get out of the hospital," Correa said in the video.

Telling Luc to get better, so he can get back to the game.

“Carlos Correa just sent me a video!! Lets go!!” Luc yelled.

A cell phone video of Luc playing baseball was taken not long before Luc, at the age of 12, had a stroke.

“He had a very large hemorrhage that happened on the right side of his brain that was deep to the surface of his brain," Pediatric Neurosurgeon with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital & UT Health Dr. Manish Shah said.

Dr. Shah said the stroke was caused by a condition that Luc was likely born with: Arteriovenius Malformation, a rare tangle of blood vessels in the brain.

“He went from having a headache the night before, to having a terrible headache that day to being comatose," Dr. Shah said.

Dr. Shah said the rupture wasn’t a matter of if, but when.

When they met, Luc was near death, but today:

“He’s already back to fishing. But his big hope is to go back to baseball, which we’re very very excited about," Dr. Shah said.

For this Astros fan, baseball is well, in his words:

“Baseball is life!" Luc said.

And now, it's his goal.

“Start hitting dingers again," Luc said.

Just like the Astros in the World Series, Luc has fight to win, but with this team of players behind his back there’s no doubt he’ll earn it.

“They’re all so inspirational, and it just makes me feel like I have a lot of people that love me. And I work very hard," Luc said.