He says he may not be the biggest Astros fan, but he’s one of the first.

This Houston man has been to every major game since the very beginning, and he's got the pictures to prove it.

His memories from that decade are frozen in time on paper and in his mind.

“This is opening day at Colt .45 stadium, April 10th, 1962," 82-year-old Cecil Burdick Jr. said.

Wearing his Colt .45’s baseball cap, his Craig Biggio t-shirt and holding his binder full of tickets, Burdick learned baseball from his father - as well as photography.

“It was in my DNA. I just wanted to take pictures of baseball," Burdick Jr. said.

That was 1962. Cecil was 27, and ready to capture the world as it grew up around him.

“I was out there with my dad every week," Burdick Jr. said.

His favorite thing to photograph was his favorite baseball team of course. Then, they were the Colt .45’s. Now, they're the Astros.

“I'm predicting that we take the three games in Houston, and we need one other game. And we’ve got it," Burdick Jr. said.

He knows everything about the team. He knows because he’s been there through every win and every loss.

His wife Sue, though, was nowhere in sight.

“I think it’s like watching grass grow," Sue Burdick said.

Cecil’s been to hundreds of games, but she hasn't.

“Not more than 3 or 4," Sue said.

She said okay to his posters though.

“I told him he can hang them anyplace he wanted to as long as he hung it in the garage," Sue said.

And supports his love for the team.

“Not fanatic, but high up there," Sue said.

Cecil won't be able to make any of the series games.

“Those $700 prices are out of my league," Burdick Jr. said.

But sue knows his heart will be there.

“I would like for them to win, for him," Sue said.

Just like it's been beside her for so many innings.

“It would probably be the highlight of my baseball career or life if you want to know," Burdick Jr. said.