Weather will be a factor as the Astros do their best to shut-out the Yankees in New York. They're in the Bronx for the next three days and it'll be considerably colder than in Houston. (Currently Astros lead 2 games to 0 in a best of 7.) Unlike the inside of Houston's climate-controlled Minute Park, our Astros will be subject to the open-air Yankees Stadium and some cool autumn winds. That means seasonal temperatures in the low-50s could feel pretty cold to our heat-acclimated Texas team. The dynamics of the bat and ball will also be affected by the cold: colder air means an average of shorter hits. It's also more jarring to the batter when contact is made to his bat, as the shock-waves from contact aren't as readily absorbed by the wood. These are subtleties, but when a foot or two can make the difference between the ball remaining in play, or being hit out of the park, it's a factor to consider.

Wind will also be a force in tonight's 8pm eastern (7pm Houston time) game: Breezy northwest winds will push the ball right, and create a wind chill factor! With temps hovering around 50°F, it'll feel like it's closer to 43° as the NW wind blows at 12-14mph. I imagine you'll see our guys wearing their winter gear. It's going to feel freezing in the dug-out... The stadium faces the east-northeast (as if home plate looks out to the eastern tip of Long Island) so this means the ball will be pushed toward right field. If it's hit toward left field, it's more likely to be a pop-fly and stop shorter than if it was hit toward right field.

Yankees Stadium faces east-northeast, toward Long Island. Wind will be blowing from left field to right field this evening.

During Tuesday's 4pm game, temperatures will be about 10° warmer, with winds blowing-out toward center field, so with the assistance of the weather, home runs could be slightly easier to achieve. This will also be the case for Wednesday afternoon's game, when temps reach the mid-60s for a much more pleasant experience, but one featuring longer balls.

Go Stros! Beat the Yankees! - Said, the guy who grew up with the Red Sox!

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner, KHOU 11 News. (2017)