WEATHERFORD, Texas – Blake Davies and Justin Farber says they started swinging rope at 2 years old.

They've done their share of team roping competitions. But nothing like the challenge they had last week.

“All I've done is make my living horseback," said Davies.

On Thursday, they came to the rescue of a steer that ran away from Hamilton Meats, a meat market in Weatherford.

"It's crazy...when he called me and he's like 'hey you wanna go rope a cow' I figured we'd be out in the field or something like that," said Farber.

Weatherford Police first got the call at around 11 a.m. on that Thursday. A spokesman says animal runaways happen about once a week here in town but rarely through the main streets of town. It was the dash camera off of Officer Cruz Rivas' car that captured the two hour capture of the steer.

"He didn't want to be where he wanted to be. He was trying to save his own life," said Rivas.

Rivas said at one point during the chase he attempted to steer the cow away from traffic and it ended up nudging his police cruiser. He has a large dent on the driver's side door and he has a broken side mirror.

"Just a crashing boom and he glanced off and kept running," he said.

Blake got on his horse named Tobasco and waited for the right time to put his roping to the test.

"He was flying, the cow was scared to death," said Davies.

Within seconds the cow was on the ground. Obviously scared it did put up a fight after Davies had roped it. Thanks to the quick and sometimes slow work of Davies, Farber, and Rivas only a police cruiser got hurt.

Hamilton Meats told News 8 that steer has been sent back to a ranch.