HOUSTON - The Houston Humane Society provided an update on Bella, the dog who was found neglected and abandoned in a vacant home earlier this week.

According to HHS, the veterinarian has listed Bella's prognosis as 'guarded' - meaning that the next 7-10 days are critical.

Bella is on medication to fight infection, itching, mites, parasites and is taking vitamins to boost her system.

The organization received a report from a concerned citizen about an abandoned dog in a vacant home in the 200 block of Toranto Lane. An animal cruelty officer responded to the scene and found the abandoned dog resting on filthy laundry. The officer immediately took the dog to the Humane Society’s Animal Wellness Clinic.

"While we have had an outpouring from folks willing to foster or adopt Bella, right now we must concentrate on Bella's immediate medical needs and she needs to be under veterinary care at the shelter," said an HHS statement.

Bella is primarily on cage rest, but was able to get out for fresh air. HHS says she didn't have the energy to go far, but she loved seeing the geese that live by the pond and sitting near the water.