OSHKOSH, Wis. — A Russian tortoise that went missing a month ago from the Menominee Park Zoo has mysteriously returned.

Zoo staff found Anastasia Aug. 8 back in her exercise pen, city officials announced Thursday. At first, the reptile was cold and would not eat, but she is doing fine a week later.

Oshkosh police still have no new details about the July 19 disappearance but are continuing to seek information from the public, Lt. Andrew Lecker said Wednesday.

According to a Facebook post from last August, the zoo has two 10-year-old Russian tortoises, Vlad and Anastasia. The creature who went walkabout is not dangerous, according to police.

Russian tortoises are native to the Middle East and prefer dry climates. In fact, Anastasia, who is about 10 inches long, cannot swim and could drown if submerged in water, according to police.

Contributing: Nate Beck, Oshkosh Northwestern. Follow Nathaniel Shuda on Twitter: @onwnshuda