FORT WORTH, Texas -- When it comes to livestock records, or any record for that matter, Texas standards are pretty big.

One Texas Longhorn bull on the auction block this weekend in the Fort Worth Stockyards may live up to the hype.

"Cowboy Tuff Chex" has a set of horns that measure more than 100 inches tip-to-tip, a world record according to the Guinness World Records.

On Friday, he could see bids as high as $500,000. It's enough to make owner Bob Loomis smile.

"I've had little kids walk by and grab his horn and everything else. You don't have to worry about him," said Loomis. "But he is a character."

Thursday afternoon, a steady stream of onlookers stopped by a pen to take photos and stare at the bull.

Loomis says Tuff's value is equal parts physical and disposition. "He produces color, he produces horn, he produces body, and he's a complete animal," said Loomis.

Tuff's offspring is also on the auction block this weekend, as are more than 100 other Longhorns that are part of The Longhorn Auction put on by the group Hudson/Valentine Auctions.

Lorinda Valentine says she expects some with impressive horn spreads to fetch as much as $100,000 or more.

"It depends on how many auction bidders we have in that ring that are raising their hand and how determined they are," she said.

As of Thursday, roughly 600 folks from around the world had enlisted to bid, but Valentine says only about half are really willing to pony up the big bucks.

"Some people collect coins. These people collect Longhorns. It's amazing," she said. "These animals are to be admired and will live a while."

The auction runs from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon.

If anyone wants to take a look for fun or purchase, feel free to stop by 130 East Exchange Avenue in the Stockyards.