Some homeowners in the Oak Forest neighborhood of northwest Houston are taking extra precautions after security cameras spotted coyotes roaming through yards.

John Stout and his fiancée, Greer Goodlow, live in Oak Forest. While catching up on "Game of Thrones" recently, they also decided to catch up on the footage from their home security cameras, just in case anything popped up.

Sure enough, it did.

“I still can’t believe there’s two of them,” said Goodlow, watching the video.

The video showed two coyotes casually making their way across the couple’s front yard. Believe it or not, Stout and Goodlow say these images didn’t really surprise them after seeing similar reports on a neighborhood Facebook page.

“From what I’ve read, they run the bayous, so it’s not all that uncommon to see multiple coyotes at once,” Stout said.

Raw video: Surveillance cameras capture coyotes in Oak Forest neighborhood

Officials with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department say coyotes are common across Texas and have learned to coexist with humans as development has encroached on their territory. Coyotes occasionally live in urban and suburban areas. In and around Houston, they’re known to use the bayous to travel between neighborhoods.

TPWD officials also say coyotes hunt at all hours, can live alone or in packs up to six and are known for their high-pitched howls and yips. They eat just about anything they can easily find, including, occasionally, small pets.

“We’re going to probably take more precautions,” Stout said. “Watch the dogs closer, make sure the cats don’t get out of the house, especially at night.”

Coyotes don’t typically like being around humans, unless they are fed. That’s why wildlife officials urge people to avoid feeding them.

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