LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Animal shelters in Maine are hoping to free up some space this week to make room for pets abandoned in Hurricane Matthew.

The Carolinas are still cleaning up from flooding. Families left everything; in many cases, even their pets.

"They have thousands of pets coming into shelters right now," said Zachary Black, manager of operations at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society.

The Lewiston shelter is waiving adoption fees until Sunday for animals over the age of 1. The fee for kittens will be discounted.

"We're trying to place as many as we can so send our transport trucks to the south to bring back animals that were already in the shelter," Black said. "So the shelter can house families' pets while they get back on their feet."

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland has already helped relieve the stress on shelters down south.

"We received 14 cats," Director of Community Engagement Jeana Roth said. "Thirteen kittens and one adult cat from a shelter in South Carolina. Their shelter had to be evacuated because of flooding."

Those animals won't be available for adoption for a few weeks, while they are spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.

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