A 6-month-old puppy is fighting for his life after being tied to a truck and dragged down a dirt road over the weekend.

A Galveston County animal control officer responded to the call in unincorporated Santa Fe on Nov. 4. He found Arlo with deep wounds to the legs, chest and paws – with muscle tissue and bones exposed in some areas.

Family members say a child tied the dog to the truck and the driver didn't realize it when he took off. The owner said she couldn't afford to treat the dog and surrendered it to animal control.

Arlo, an Australian cattle dog, is in serious condition at VERGI Animal Hospital in Houston. Vets are working to get him stabilized and ease his severe pain.

Eventually, Arlo be moved to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital for treatment by a soft tissue specialist.

Houston K-911 Rescue is raising funds to help pay for Arlo’s care. They’ve set up a youcaring.com page if you’d like to donate.