A dolphin rescued near Sabine Pass last week is getting plenty of TLC in Galveston.

A passerby spotted the stranded dolphin on McFaddin Beach on Tuesday and alerted the Sea Rim State Park office.

They provided first aid until crews from the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network arrived.

They loaded the dolphin on a stretcher and moved it to the TMMSN rehab center in Galveston.

“After a brief period of swimming upon arrival, she quickly tired and required full support from team members overnight as she was not able to swim on her own,” TMMSN said.

Photos: Rescued dolphin recovering in Galveston

She is receiving tube feedings around the clock to rehydrate and provide some much needed nutrition.

The dolphin is now strong enough to swim on her own and is even eating fish on her own.

She is still considered in guarded condition and TMMSN is awaiting additional labs and diagnostics that may help us determine the specific cause of her stranding. Until then, she will continue to be cared for and supported by the team.

TMMSN is a non-profit organization that has been conducting dolphin research and rehabilitation in Texas since 1980 and they rely on donations and trained volunteers to complete their work. To donate towards this dolphins care and further research, please visit www.DolphinRescue.org

If you find a stranded dolphin, do not push it back in to the water. They strand because they are injured or ill and need to be carefully examined and cared for.