GALVESTON - People who spend a lot of time on Galveston's west end will likely see a lot of birds and sea shells; but according to one local man, you might also see a snake.

That's why Kevin Inks carries a pellet gun on his walks with his dog Zeus.

"I know the risk factors out here," said Inks. "For every one snake you do see, there's 10 to 20 you don't see."

Inks claims to have seen three rattlesnakes during his walks in less than two weeks. 

He captured video of one of them slithering along the sand and disappearing into a dune. He believes that's where they nest.

But the Galveston Beach Patrol officials said rattlesnakes are quite rare, and only spotted once every several years. 

Still, Inks won't take any chances. He's even purchased some rattlesnake anti-venom just to be safe. 

"This is the last place that you'd expect to see a rattlesnake," he said.

You can watch Inks video of the snake below.