BAYTOWN, Texas - An animal rescue group wants justice for eight puppies tossed from a moving pick-up truck last week.

It happened on Schilling Avenue near Garth Road around 3 a.m. Thursday in Baytown.

The six survivors safely landed in a nursing mother’s bed in Magnolia. However, the event that put them there angers Lou Sisk to no end.

“It’s heart-wrenching,” she said. “They have every right to not be abused just like a child.”

A woman found eight puppies tossed along Schilling Avenue near St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Sisk said. That witness told KHOU 11 News two of the animals landed on her parked truck’s hood, causing its alarm to sound.

She saw men in an older model, white Ford F-150 hurling the animals one by one out windows.

“(The witness) said they were laughing and carrying on as they were pitching puppies out,” Sisk said. “She was close enough to see a description of the two people.”

Two puppies died. The witness carried the others to Baytown Police who had animal control officers take the puppies to the city shelter. Management there have Sisk’s rescue group, Friends of Baytown Animal Shelter, on speed dial. Sisk took the dogs home in an attempt to save their lives.

“They were starving,” she said. “They were hungry, so I took them home immediately and fed them and started networking them to see if I could get bottle feeders.”

Through Facebook, Sisk found someone offering a surrogate mom to nurse all six puppies. Rarely does that kind of surrogacy work, Sisk said. It did on this occasion, though.

Now, all she wants is justice.

Baytown Police are not yet investigating because no one filed a formal complaint. The witness said she planned to do so, but officers did not take a report.