BRIDGE CITY, Texas- The Bridge City Police Department and ENTERGY responded Sunday afternoon to a call of an iguana up a power line on Dobbyn St.

Sarah Wion, who has owned her pet iguana, Rocky, for eight years said that the lizard went missing a couple of days earlier. When she came home Sunday from church, she noticed Rocky at the top of the power line next to her house.

Luckily BCPD and ENTERGY were able to coax the reptile down with a stick and some greens. Rocky is now safe at home. Wion says that although this isn’t the first time that Rocky has been able to get away, this time worried her the most.

“(It’s like) If you lose your dog, you have a lost dog or something,” said Wion. “But even worse than that, I’m sitting here watching the lizard walk almost into a power line, and any minute it could turn into barbecue iguana.”