NORMANGEE, Texas - Normangee's first-ever K9 officer made his first bust this week.

On June 14th, Normangee police pulled over a vehicle for a traffic stop. During that stop, the officer suspected illegal activity and asked the suspect if he could search the vehicle.

The suspect did not allow the officer permission to search, so the officer requested the help of K9 Wilson.

Chief Herford and K9 Wilson arrived on scene and performed a free air sniff outside of the vehicle. During that sniff, K9 Wilson alerted for the odor of narcotics in the vehicle which then gives police probable cause to search.

During a search of the vehicle, police found a duffel bag filled with 4.2 pounds of suspected marijuana, 1,000 Xanax bars and $3,608 in cash.

K9 Wilson arrived in Normangee in December 2015. He is a pit bull mix that was found as a stray and sent to Normangee through a partnership with Universal K9 in San Antonio and Animal Farm Foundation.

“I am extremely grateful for the partnership between the Normangee Police Department, Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9," Chief Charles Herford said. "Without the detection dog program, Normangee Police Department would not have been able to benefit from training K9 Wilson with Brad Croft at Universal K9. K9 Wilson was provided at no cost to the department, thanks to the partnership and the program.” – Chief Charles Herford, The Normangee Police Department

Terry Lynn Peterson was arrested by Normangee Police Department for Possession of a Controlled Substance and for Possession of Marijuana.