(CBS NEWS) -- Tired and ready for bed, Cary McCook waved goodbye to his friend who dropped him off in front of his hotel when he saw a large shadow coming his way.

By the time the 25-year-old from Fort Ware, Canada, turned his head, he was already halfway to the pavement -- taken out by a large deer that was sprinting away from a barking dog in the parking lot of the Stork Nest Inn in Smithers, where McCook was staying while completing a training course for work.

“I hear three gallops, I looked up and just then I see a deer fully committed in a leap of faith -- and bam!” McCook told CBS News about the April 1 incident. “I was shocked, jumped back up and went to the truck. I was like, ‘Was that a deer?’”

Shocked and pumped full of adrenaline after the tackle, McCook called his family to tell them about his strange encounter. In great detail, he described being “jumped by a deer” in the parking lot. But his family didn’t believe him.

After all, it was April Fools’ Day.

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