You may not be the only one in your home suffering from allergies in South Texas. Your four-legged friend could also be miserable.

It's estimated that allergies affect up to half of all American dogs. But there is relief that could cure them from scratching.

Dr. Mina Youssef, a veterinarian at North Star Animal Hospital located at 7227 San Pedro Avenue, showed us how to inspect a dog for signs of over-scratching.

"You check the ears too,” he said as he examined Jade, a rescue dog.

He says that itching is one of the two biggest problems for dogs. But there is relief, he says, in a tiny pill by the name of Apoquel.

Some dogs can scratch themselves all night long or even 24/7.

“The most common itching and scratching is from fleas, food and environment,” he said, noting that the pill doesn’t have a bad taste to the animal. "You can put it in a pill pocket or a treat or crush it with water."

He says that your dog will feel relief within hours of taking it for the first time and that there are countless health benefits for less scratching.

Keep in mind, experts caution that each dog is different and that different animals respond to different medicines.