HOUSTON – May is National Pet Month and to celebrate it and a special birthday we hung out with the monkeys from Ms. Monkeys Party Emporium Tuesday morning. 

Robert Williams is the leader of this amusing group of three capuchin monkeys named Sasha, Cody and Darwin. It is Cody’s birthday. 

He and his pals enjoyed one of their favorite treats to celebrate — low sugar whipped cream.

Cody is now 8. 

In addition to his own pets, Williams has supplied the monkeys for Gallery Furniture. To own a capuchin monkey is like having a 3-year-old with a nine foot vertical leap, Williams said. 

They can climb and swing on anything and are also highly intelligent, Williams said.  

The monkeys require a lot of attention and supervision, he said. However, they do provide endless laughs and entertainment and they can be very sweet. 

Williams travels the nation entertaining at all kinds of parties and events. Often he is accompanied by Ben Kirsch, a juggler and balloon artist. Sasha loves Ben’s long thick hair by the way and seems to melt in his arms.

To reach the monkeys, click here.

To reach Ben the juggler and balloon artist, email: Ben.kirsch@live.com