Kiwi’s big adventure is over thanks to the power of social media.

Leah Martinez contacted us in a panic Thursday when her beautiful bird disappeared.

“My toddlers messed with the cage and he flew out. He is scared, hasn't eaten, and we are devastated,” Leah said in her Facebook post.

We shared the post and so did several other people in the Katy area, where Leah lives.

Leah Martinez was thrilled to be reunited with Kiwi thanks to the power of social media. (Monty Ortiz)

A man who saw the post spotted Kiwi in his neighbor’s very tall palm tree and contacted Leah. Her husband, Monty Ortiz, climbed a ladder to try and reach Kiwi but the frightened bird flew away again.

Monty spotted him in another tree down the street. He was able to climb that tree and get Kiwi.

“Thank you again for everything, so many people shared and commented on your post, it was amazing,” Monty wrote in an email.

Kiwi is back home now enjoying the extra TLC.

Monty spotted Kiwi in another tree down the street and was able to climb it and get the bird. (Monty Ortiz)