Rocco, the kitten who was shot in the eye with a pellet gun, is expected to live thanks to a pro bono surgery. 

David Martino, Rocco's owner, confirmed the good news on Tuesday. He said a local veterinarian offered to give Rocco the surgery he needs for free. 

Rocco will undergo surgery Friday at the Humane Society in Houston.

Although the surgery will be invasive, he said it would allow him to keep 10-month-old Rocco. 

A pellet shot through Rocco's eye and into his neck. X-rays showed the pellet is still lodged in Rocco's neck behind the jaw. 

Martino said Rocco will have to lose his eye. 

Martino said the surgery is pretty inexpensive. However, the kitten's medication will be costly. 

A GoFundMe page was started to help with Rocco's medical expenses. 

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