DANBURY, CT (WFSB/CBS) -- The Connecticut State Police K9 Texas who was missing for two nights in Danbury has been found.

K9 Texas, which is a Connecticut State Police Bloodhound, was helping with a search for a missing man near Wooster Mountain in Danbury around 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

Police said he was finally found on Friday morning, however specific details as to where is unclear at this time.

Police said the trooper handling K9 Texas lost his footing and let go of the 15-foot leash. Police added that K9 Texas pulled "strongly up the slope and continued tracking up the ledge."

Police said they had lost sight of the police K9.

K9 Texas is "a non-aggressive, brown bloodhound," police said and was wearing a green tracking vest.

"Shepards and bloodhounds are very different from one another, different personalities different temperaments when it comes to training, you tell a Shepard to stop, a Shepard stops. When you tell a bloodhound to stop, the blood hound says, I'm on a scent right now and you're going to have to catch up to me," said State Trooper Kelly Grant.

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