Baby fever has hit the Houston Zoo.

Just last week, two Red River hogs were born to first time mom, Luna, marking a major milestone at the popular family destination.

“They are the first Red River hogs to be born here at the Houston Zoo,” said Memory Mays with the Houston Zoo.

Watch: Newborn red river hogs at Houston Zoo

The newest bundles of joy sparking an air of buzz and excitement.

“We love to see the babies. I can’t believe how many there are,” one visitor said.

“They’re very entertaining to watch. They’re constantly moving around.” Mays said.

You can find the little ones co-habituating with the gorillas at the zoo’s African Forest habitat.

Photos: Baby boom at the Houston Zoo

Nearby, there's another newborn cutie.

Meet baby Gus, a 2-month-old warthog, who, according to 6-year-old Asher Todd, is living the life.

“I’m just saying, they have a really good home to live in, they could live in here forever," Asher said.

Now to some adorable babies you won’t find on display just yet.

To start, this adorable California sea lion pup born last week.

“This is the second time we’ve had a sea lion born here,” Mays said.

Watch: Houston Zoo welcomes baby sea lion

Adding to the watery bunch, some baby white botched river stingrays.

Watch: Baby stingrays born at Houston Zoo

And rounding out the zoo’s baby boom, the biggest baby of them all, a nearly 300-pound Asian elephant expected to be born any day now.

“It’s definitely going to be the big talk once that happens,” Mays said.

Also added to the newborn list are two recently hatched Palawan peacock-pheasant chicks and 10 African bush vipers.

Zoo workers say baby animals not on display right now are expected to be in the next two months.