A K-9 with the Houston Police Department is back at work after being shot in the line of duty last month.

On Feb. 22, Jake, the K-9, was working a police chase in north Houston when he bit another officer by mistake. That officer had to shoot the dog to get him to let go.

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The 9-year-old dog was hit twice, once in the neck and again on the lip. He only spent one night at the vet, then came back a few days later for a checkup.

Houston police say an officer shot a K-9 after the dog attacked him during a chase Wednesday afternoon in north Houston.

“He got four stitches, two on the top [of his neck] and two on the bottom. They said if he keeps looking good the way he does, he should be back in 3-4 days,” said Brian Schmidt.

After a thorough evaluation, the K-9 was cleared to hit the streets on Monday. His recovery has shocked everyone, except his handler.

“Actually, no I’m not surprised. Not with Jake. Once he came off his medicines, he was already crying to go back to work. He was in the house ready to go, basically bouncing off the walls inside the house,” said Schmidt.

Even though he’s the second oldest dog on the force, safe to say, Jake isn’t ready to hand in his police vest quite yet.