Two curious canines are back home safe and sound thanks to a couple of good-hearted Houston cops.

Deborah Fowler said her mischievous Westies, Cowboy and Trump, were at the front window one recent night barking at neighborhood dogs and squirrels.

When the house suddenly became quiet, Fowler checked on the dogs. They were nowhere to be found.

After a frantic search inside the home, Fowler opened her front door and found Trump on the porch. But there was no sign of Cowboy.

She was searching for him outside, when an HPD squad car pulled up.

“Cowboy was in the front seat of the police car with Officers Lauren Prunty and Diana Bonilla,” Fowler posted on Facebook. “There were hugs and hugs.”

Turns out the officers had spotted Trump and Cowboy dodging traffic on a nearby busy street. They managed to corral Cowboy but Trump took off running. They followed him to Fowler’s home.

Fowler said she couldn’t figure out how the dogs got out until she discovered they had pushed out a screen in the front window.

"I get the shivers when I think of all that could have gone wrong,” Fowler said.

Fowler said she is forever grateful to Officers Prunty and Bonilla.

“No one had to stop but they did, and what could have been one of the saddest moments of my life became one of the happiest,” Fowler said.