HOUSTON – A Houston couple hopes to find a home for a kitten they found trapped in their car’s engine bay.

On Reddit, Kevin Tumlinson said his wife Kara was the one who first discovered the kitten trapped inside the grill of her car. She arrived at a job site when she heard the little guy meowing.

Kara used FaceTime to seek help and get suggestions on how to get the kitty out of the engine compartment. That’s when someone suggested the fire station.

Kevin tells KHOU 11 News the firefighters at HFD Station #49 in west Houston brought out some tools and quickly jumped into action. They managed to open a gap where the little guy could come out, but just as soon as he started to leave the engine, he got scared and retreated even farther.

An HFD firefighter then put on some gloves and managed to safely retrieve the kitten.

Kevin and Kara have named the kitten Max but say they are unable to keep him. They hope to find him a good home!

If you think you can help find Max a home, contact Kevin here: https://kevintumlinson.com/contact