HOUSTON -- A family in west Houston is speaking out after multiple cats were shot in their neighborhood. One cat was killed. Another is on the verge of dying too.

David Martino thought his 10-month old cat Rocco was safe inside the garage of his home in the Grand Oaks subdivision, but Friday night he learned he was wrong.

"I came back out and I see a whole bunch of blood and Rocco is missing," said Martino.

They found him on the front door the next day. Rocco wasn't doing well.

"He had a lead pellet shot through his eye and into his neck," said Martino.

Vets say it's clear someone shot Rocco on purpose.

"You shoot at a target not at a living creature, that's serial killer type of stuff," said Martino.

The family rushed Rocco to an emergency vet clinic. X-rays show the pellet is still lodged in Rocco's neck behind the jaw. Martino can't believe someone would do this for no reason.

"You got to be an abomination, a horrible human being," said Martino.

And it's not the first time something like this has happened. Last week another neighbor found his cat dead in a field just down the street. So for now Martino won't let his other cat Whiskey out and about. On Tuesday, he'll have to explain to his four-year-old sister why they have no choice but to put Rocco down.

"It's not right," said Martino. "You can't kill somebody's family member and expect them not to be angry and expect no consequences."

If you know anything, call the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office at (281) 492-3500.