RICHMOND, Texas - Christy Kroboth is known for tackling some of the biggest and baddest gators in Texas. She's so tough, she's earned the name "Gator Girl," but what she came across last week was a first.

"Parks and Wildlife calls and says, 'There's an alligator on the front porch, there's no game wardens available, you have to go,'" Kroboth said.

So she rushed to a neighborhood in Richmond expecting to find a massive gator. She gets there, and the homeowners are huddled in fear in the garage.

"I talk to the homeowners and ask them, 'Where's the gator?' And they point around the corner to the front door," Kroboth said.

But she didn't see it.

"The husband said it's up high," Kroboth said.

And that's when she saw it.

"It's a lizard," Kroboth said. "And I told the homeowner it's just a lizard. They said, 'No, no. It's an alligator.'"

She picked up the little guy and showed the homeowners they had nothing to fear, but it didn't work.

"I go over to the homeowner, and I said, 'It's a lizard, do you want to see?'" Kroboth said. "They ran away screaming, 'It's an alligator! It's an alligator!'"

She released the lizard into the front yard, but not before taking a picture of the tiny lizard wrapped in pink, just like she wraps the real gators. Kroboth says it's definitely the most bizarre call she's ever responded to.

"I have no idea how you confuse the two," Kroboth said. "There was no danger to anybody. I have no idea what they were thinking when they called."

Kroboth says the family may still be charged a wildlife removal bill for calling in and claiming a little gecko was an emergency.