Charges have been filed against a man whose dogs attacked and killed at least a dozen goats on Goat Island in Lake Livingston.

A witness saw the attack and alerted the Trinity Game Warden on Monday.

There were rumors circulating on social media that the man intentionally put out bait food to lure the goats, then urged his dogs to attack them.

“It’s sad to know people can be so evil,” said one commenter.

“Why why why are people so evil??? Just breaks my heart how they suffered!!” said another.

But Game Warden Anthony King said the man claims it was all an accident. He said he was camping on Goat Island and woke up to find his seven dogs – 2 pit bulls and several Mountain Curs -- attacking the goats.

King said the man has been charged with failure to restrain his dogs.

The Trinity River Authority has also charged him with camping in an unauthorized area.

The Trinity County Sheriff is investigating the case and more charges could be filed, according to Vanessa Joseph with the TRA.

The Onalaska man’s name has not been released.

People familiar with the area say goats have lived on the island for at least 50 years.