NEW ORLEANS — A dog left stranded in the rubble caused by last month's devastating Louisiana tornadoes has found a new home.

Appropriately named 'Wonder,' the mixed breed pup was found alone in New Orleans, severely injured with an infected back leg.

A Louisiana SPCA animal officer found her along a highway. Wonder spent four hours in surgery, while a SPCA veterinarian worked to remove her destroyed leg.

"Wonder is an absolute wonder," Destinie Hammond, a Louisiana SPCA spokeswoman said Wednesday. "She's a great dog and she'll be great for any family so we want anyone to come down and meet her."

Now, her yearning for a home has come to an end.

"We walked by her condo a few times, fell in love with her face and didn't even notice that she was three-legged at first, until she came really close to the window. And I don't know, we just fell in love with her then," said the dog's new owner Caroline Dela Cruz.

She and her boyfriend Will Potts went to the Louisiana SPCA today looking for love. It was 'Wonder,' now named 'Bear,' who answered the call.

"We looked at a couple, but when we passed by, we caught Bear, her glance, and she was looking right at us with the sweetest eyes we'd seen, so we knew we had to go check it out," said Will Potts, Bear's new owner.

The couple had no idea about her past struggles, but when they found out, it just solidified the deal.

"We knew we had to get her," said Dela Cruz.