A disabled dog overlooked by potential adopters at a shelter has finally found her forever home.

Tyrella Frank and Rene Bourne said they were at a San Antonio Pets Alive fundraiser and spotted Lady Cherie in one of the cages. They were told that she was found in an apartment complex with 12 puppies.

They said that she was covered in blood and was missing a paw.

Once they got to a shelter, Lady Cherie’s puppies were quickly adopted, but it was difficult to get her into a home. People who tried to adopt her quickly brought her back to the shelter. She had heartworms and anxiety issues.

Frank and Bourne later said that they discovered she was going deaf. They said that there was an immediate connection when they saw Lady Cherie.

"There was this immediate eye contact. You know, the hearts go everywhere and I was like, ‘I don’t know how she is going to be a part of our lives and how we're going to help her, but she's going to be the one,’" Bourne recalled.

Frank and Bourne said that since adopting her, Lady Cherie has faced even more health problems. She had acute pancreatitis and continues to fight off recurring infections. Last year, she injured two of her legs and now needs surgery.

"The reason she tore those muscles is because she walked so funny having to compensate for that nub, so she put more pressure on her knees," Frank noted.

Despite the struggles, her adoptive parents say that they are never giving up on her.

"She's always ready for the next thing. She's so happy. She's like, ‘I can't move, I'm hurting all the time but, you know, I have my people and so that's okay,’" Frank said.

"I think it's the determination and the will to survive, and to live in the present moment in time that keeps me going," Bourne said.

Since Lady Cherie is unable to walk, her adoptive parents are wheeling her around in a little wagon. If you would like to help Lady Cherie get her mobility back, you can check out her official Facebook page.