CONROE, Texas -- Two years after they were first arrested, Herman and Kathleen Hoffman sat before a jury Monday facing 10 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly mistreating and neglecting hundreds of horses at their Conroe dairy farm.

Judge Dennis Watson did not allow cameras in the courtroom.

Back in 2015, authorities raided the Hoffman's farm and found hundreds of horses, some emaciated, others with open wounds. The SPCA seized all 207 horses and removed them from the property. Prosecutors say ultimately 30 horses were in such miserable shape they had to be euthanized.

Jurors listened as prosecutors described the stalls horses lived in as filthy. Horses were standing in massive piles of their own feces. Their hooves were overgrown. The SPCA testified that it looked like the horses were wasting away on Hoffman's property.

Hoffman and his wife have claimed their innocence since day 1 and vowed to fight the charges. They've successfully delayed trial 12 times in the last two years.

Neither Hoffman nor his attorney wanted to comment this afternoon. The trial resumes Tuesday morning. If convicted, the couple could spend up to a year in jail.