WARNING: The video in this story may be disturbing to some viewers.

HOUSTON - A coyote went on the attack in Meyerland Friday, killing a family's cat.

The whole incident was captured on home surveillance video.

Danny Shaftel showed KHOU 11 News the horrifying video of the incident that happened outside his home early Friday morning.

The whole thing lasted a matter of seconds. The video captures the moments a coyote chases down, attacks and then eventually mauls his cat. Some of the moments are too violent to show on television.

"He shook him like a rag doll," Shaftel said. "It was thankfully pretty instantaneous, but it was like it was a toy -- like it was a chew toy."

Their cat, Raffi, was outside with no idea that someone was stalking him.

"Normally, I hear cat fights and things going on outside, but this was different. Wwe didn't hear anything, and this morning, when our housekeeper came and I opened the door for her, she said, 'Hey, is that your cat?'" said Shaftel, who went to his surveillance system Friday morning to watch the whole thing in horror.

Raffi has been with the Shaftels for 3 years.The family just lost Raffi's brother three months ago to cancer.

"I've got three small children," Shaftel said. "They're pretty upset about it. He was an outdoor cat, so I know that there's always some risk, but you don't expect coyotes in the middle of the neighborhood."

Earlier this week and just 10 miles north, Oak Forest homeowners caught two coyotes on video making their way across their front yard. In this case, no pets were injured.

Shaftel said once he posted his story and video to Facebook, neighbors chimed in saying they'd seen these wild animals in the area, too.

"We're all a bit shaken up more so that we know they're around," Shaftel said. "Where are they going to be next? Are we going to be cautious as we're walking our dog in the morning, so yeah, it's concerning."

Texas Parks and Wildlife said these types of incidents are infrequent, but in the summer months, coyotes can be drawn into areas where they can get fresh water, like at Brays Bayou, which is close to Shaftel's house.

Wildlife officials said they haven't seen an uptick in these types of attacks. They suggest keeping your pet food and water inside, as well your pets.

Also if you see a coyote, try and scare it away with loud noises like a horn or by throwing rocks.