ALVIN, Texas - A horrible case of animal abuse now has the attention of the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office.

Someone bound the back legs of a black lab and then dumped the dog in Chocolate Bayou. It’s believed that the animal drowned. The dog’s body was found Thursday near a public boat launch, off County Road 193.

Angie Carreras was headed to the boat landing Thursday afternoon to fish and as she walked up, others found the dead animal.

“It’s sad. I have a dog of my own and all I have to do is feed it, show it a little attention, and that dog would do anything for me. That dog loves me, and that dog loved somebody, who mistreated it.” Carreras said.

Sheriff’s investigators told KHOU 11 News tracking down the person responsible will be a challenge, unless someone provides a tip in the case.

Animal Control officers are checking the animal for a microchip. They are hopeful that it will provide deputies with a place to start in catching the person responsible.