HOUSTON - A beloved bear has died at the Houston Zoo.

One and a half years ago, Patty the bear was found to have cancer that was removed. However, her cancer was found to have returned and spread during a recent exam. Due to her advanced age and the progression of the cancer, the animal care team made the decision to euthanize Patty, according to the Houston Zoo's website.

Houston Zoo says Patty lived to be 31 years old. She was the oldest Andean bear in any AZA-accredited zoo. Also known as a spectacled bear, Andean bears are native to South America and usually live to be in their mid-20's in human care.

The zoo says Patty’s keepers will remember her relaxed personality and for how much she seemed to like building and fluffing nests out of sheets and wood wool, so she could find the perfect sleeping or napping position.