Another Houston animal shelter needs your help. BARC Houston sent an urgent tweet Thursday saying they are “BURSTING at the seams!”

BARC has room for about 550 animals but they currently have more than 750 dogs and cats.

If these overflow animals don’t get homes soon, BARC will be forced to euthanize many of them.

They are offering $20 adoptions on dogs 5 months and older through Sunday. All cats and kittens are still just $1 through September. The adoption fee includes spay or neuter surgery, shots and a chip.

All cats and kittens at BARC are still just $1 through September. (BARC)

If adoption isn’t an option for you right now, please consider fostering an animal for a week or two.

Rescued Pets Movement has offered to take 100 animals from BARC but they need temporary foster homes until they can be taken to their forever families in Colorado later this month. You can sign up to be a foster at

For more information on BARC or to search adoptable animals, click here.