AUSTIN, Texas -- The Austin Humane Society is asking for the community to help them take care of hundreds of displaced animals.

The shelter is taking care of dogs and cats pulled out from flood waters following Hurricane Harvey. Some of the animals are believed to have owners, and the Humane Society is working on identifying some of those pets.

As the shelter takes in more, the organization is asking for people to open up their homes to foster pets – or to volunteer with AHS.


APA! asking for help as they take in hundreds of animals from Hurricane Harvey

How to help: Austin shelters expecting influx of animals after Hurricane Harvey

"It definitely takes a village,” Austin Humane Society’s Chief Operating Officer Katie Luke said. “We rely heavily on our volunteer force. We have a lot of people up here helping us (Sunday) and through the week. We expect this to be a long response, so we're really relying on folks’ help."

The Humane Society is also asking for monetary donations or donations of supplies that can be found on the society's Amazon wish list, that includes stainless steel bowls, crates and paper towels.

"This has hit home,” Luke said. “This is right in our neighbors’ backyard. We all have family and friends affected by this disaster. And so I think everyone wants to help in some way. And an easy way they can help is to come to the Humane Society and help us with volunteering."

The Humane Society is also partnering with Victory Christian Center, where about 80 more animals will be added Sunday.