When your Thanksgiving dinner is done, you may be tempted to share some leftovers with your dog.

But before you dish up a plate of goodies, make sure you're only including foods that are safe for them.

What not to feed your dog:

Turkey skin: The grease, oils and spices can be very hard on your dog's stomach

Cooked bones: Bones tend to splinter and can damage your pet's throat and stomach

Canned cranberry sauce: Too high in sugar and sweet for your pet to handle

Walnuts: Contain a toxin (tremorgenic mycotoxins) that can cause seizures

Pecans: Can cause intestinal upset or an obstruction

Pistachios: Rich in fat, these nuts can give your dog an upset stomach

A delicious turkey dinner

Spices: Things like nutmeg and sage can be hard on dogs' stomachs

Green bean casserole: The cream from the mushroom soup can be hard to digest and onions can be toxic

Alliums: Onions, garlic, leeks and scallions can be toxic

Anything chocolate: The caffeine and theobromine in chocolate can be poisonous

Other items to keep away from your four-legged friends: Gravy, corn on the cob, raisins and grapes, raw bread dough and alcohol.

What is safe? While skins and bones are dangerous, turkey meat is fine.