The new year will bring new money for Houston-area flood victims.

The American Red Cross is working on another relief plan. Details are still in the works.

However, the organization agreed to share preliminary information with KHOU 11 News.

“We call it the long-term recovery program,” said American Red Cross spokesman H.T. Linke.

Basically, it’s another pot of money that will be distributed to flood victims who qualify. It will be about $100 million in all.

“It’s really the next phase of what we’ll do to help the people here in the Texas Gulf Coast region who were affected by Hurricane Harvey,” Linke said.

There were well-reported issues with the previous disaster relief program. Some people got money while neighbors with the exact same damage did not.

But the Red Cross still considers it a success. The organization cites the more than $125 million distributed in Harris County alone.

“We think the program worked,” Linke said. “It allowed us to put more money in more people’s hands in a shorter time that’s ever been done before by anybody.”

We’re told the new program will be available to individuals and organizations working in hard-hit communities.

“There’s people out there who really do need it and they should be able to get it,” said flood victim Oscar San Miguel. “Hope they do get it.”

The Red Cross has not officially announced a roll out date for the new assistance, but it will likely be after the new year.