Head west of the City of Angels and you’ll reach the Land of Beaches: Manhattan, Redondo and Venice. This is where Mayra Leal calls home now, but her heart is in Houston. That’s where she grew up and where her parents lived through Harvey.

“They got about four feet of water into their home,” Leal says. “They basically lost everything. They lost their cars and they had to pretty much demolish the whole first floor.”

The couple has a second floor, but it’s all but inaccessible for Leal’s mother, who’s disabled.

“My dad didn’t want to move to another space, so he’s been carrying my mom up stairs,” she says.

Because the home needs a lot of work, Leal traveled to Houston to help out. While she was there, even more help flowed in from the angels of Los Angeles.

“Amazing people here in LA organized events. There was this amazing woman who put together a party in Malibu and raised $5,000,” says Leal smiling.

Another friend set up an Amazon Wish List for Leal’s parents, surprising the couple with much-needed items such as shoes and socks.

“It was super tragic, but at the same time, there’s been so much love and support that I’ve received from people who know me or don’t know me,” Leal says.

Those same people are keeping their support of Houston going.

“There have definitely been a few Dodger fans who said, ‘I am a mega Dodger fan, but I will be OK if the Houston Astros win,’” she says. “I think that’s pretty cool.”

Just as Harvey brought people together, so has this season’s Astros. The team is buoying spirits when our city and its children, now spread all over the world, needed it most.

“We deserve this win and we deserve to be in the World Series,” says Leal. “Good luck, Astros!”